Terms of use.

1. Limitation of liability

Content of this website

The content of this website has been prepared with the greatest possible care. Keune&Lauber however assumes no responsibility for the accuracy or completeness of the content provided or for whether the content is up-to-date. The use of the content on this website takes place at the user's risk. Articles in which the author is named represent the opinion of the author, and not necessarily the opinion of Keune&Lauber.

Availability of the website

Keune&Lauber will attempt to provide access to the website without interruption. Despite the greatest care however, downtime can not be ruled out. Keune&Lauber retains the right to modify or discontinue their services at any time.

External links

This website includes links to third-party websites ("external links"). Keune&Lauber is not liable for the content of these third-party websites. Before linking to third-party websites Keune&Lauber has examined the external links to determine whether they contained unlawful content. At the time of examination, no unlawful content was evident.  Keune&Lauber has no influence on the current and future design and content of linked websites. Placing an external link in no way means that Keune&Lauber endorses the content of these third-party websites. It is not reasonable to expect Keune& Lauber to monitor third-party websites without having been informed of unlawful content. External links will be deleted if it is determined that they contain unlawful content.


Keune&Lauber is not responsible for the content of advertisements placed on this websites, nor for the content on advertised websites. The display of advertisements in no way indicates an endorsement by Keune&Lauber

No contractual relationship

The use of the Keune&Lauber website in no way implies or creates a contractual relationship between the user and Keune&Lauber. Inasmuch no contractual or quasi-contractual claims against Keune&Lauber arise from the use of the Keune&Lauber website. In the case that the use of the website nonetheless should lead to a contractual relationship, as a precaution the following limitations of liability shall take effect: Keune&Lauber are liable for willful and gross negligence, as well as for neglect of essential material contractual obligation (German: Kardinalpflicht). The liability of Keune&Lauber is limited in the case of a contract to the compensation of damages which in a typical contract would be foreseeable, and which are due to a negligent violation of a material contractual obligation by Keune&Lauber or their lawful representative or assignees. Keune&Lauber is not liable for slightly negligent violations of secondary obligations that are not material contractual obligations. The liability for damages which are covered by a guarantee or warranty given by Keune&Lauber as well as liability based on the product liability act and bodily damages is not affected by the above limitations.

2. Copyright

The content and  products published on this website are copyrighted. Any use of the content of this website that is not allowed under German copyright law is prohibited without the written consent of the author or copyright holder. This applies particularly to the duplication, adaptation, translation, saving, editing, or the reproduction of content in databases or other electronic media or systems. Third-party content and contributions are identified as such. The unauthorized reproduction or dissemination of individual content, or of complete pages, is prohibited and is punishable by law. Solely the making of copies and downloads for private personal and non-commercial use is allowed.

Links to the Keune&Lauber website are welcome at any time, and do not require the consent or approval of Keune&Lauber. Representation of this website in third-party frames is allowed only by consent.

3. Data protection

When visiting the Keune&Lauber website, access information (time, date, page visited) may saved on the server. This data has been made anonymous, and is not individual-related. It is used solely for statistical purposes. The data is confidential, and will not be passed on to third-parties either for commercial or non-commercial use.

Furthermore, it is possible that data be saved on the computer of the website user. This information is called a "cookie", and is used to simplify user access to the website. If preferred, the user can disable this function within the user's browser. This however can limit the usability of our website.

Keune&Lauber points out that security violations, such as third-party access, cannot be ruled out when transferring data over the internet (for example per email).

The use of the contact data from the impressum for commercial purposes, particularly the telephone/fax numbers and email addresses, is expressly not desired, except with the written permission of Keune&Lauber, or by persons with a pre-existing business relationship with Keune&Lauber. Keune&Lauber and all persons named on this website hereby disallow any commercial use or dissemination of their data.

4. Applicable law

Solely the laws of the Federal Republic of Germany are applicable.

5. Special terms of use

Should special conditions for specific usages of this website exist that differ from the previous terms (1) to (4), this will be explicitly stated at the appropriate place. In this case, these special terms of use are applicable.