Internships at Keune & Lauber – come and test out the waters

Are you still unsure as to whether a job in plastic injection molding in right for you? Here at Keune & Lauber, we provide interested people the chance to get to know our company better through an internship, gain an insight into what the working day is like here and to acquire some initial professional knowledge. At the same time, this gives us the opportunity to establish a relationship with people who may be interested in training or working with us in the future, to present ourselves as an attractive employer and to demonstrate our social skills towards our employees. Our offers for occupational exploration and preparatory internships encompass the following four areas.

  • Industrial clerk
  • Industrial designer
  • Plastic and rubber designer
  • Tool mechanic

If you are interested in completing an internship in our modern family company, get in touch with us.

Please address your application to:

Keune & Lauber
In der Aue 4
57319 Bad Berleburg

or send it directly to

Mike Radenbach
Mike Radenbach
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