Assembly – Production and assembly all in the same place for more efficiency and safety

Most of the time, we manufacture injection molded parts and not end products. True to our motto “All from the same place”, not only do we supply you with individual parts, but we also undertake the assembly of units for you. Whether it be a partial or a complete assembly – Keune & Lauber provide you with an efficient and faultless service. You can always count on our competent assembly team to work quickly and precisely.

Production and assembly of plastic units and components

Thanks to our years of experience, our know-how and our innovative production methods, we are the ideal partner when it comes to manufacturing customer-specific injection molded products. With our modern assembly machines, we can put together different components for partially assembled or complete units for the automotive, the electrical or the household appliance industries. This enables us to react quickly and flexibly to various customer and industry requirements in all phases of the processing. Alongside conventional mass production, we can also successfully implement special solutions. If additional standard or individual parts are required for the assembly, we will provide these and deliver a system solution that is ready for installation. Of course, commissioning and packaging, including labeling, are also part of our range of services. From simple reworking, through to the production of complex units, you can benefit from our trained personnel and our modern automation technology. So that we can guarantee a faultless processing, we use assembly lines with laser inscription and then integrated end-of-line testing of laser marking, haptics, optics and labeling for the final processing of your products. The cleaning of individual parts and the packaging under controlled area conditions ensures that your units are completely free from undesired foreign materials.

Finishing with the highest level of precision and quality

We see the production of your plastic parts and the modular unit assembly as a whole package. Starting from the injection molding production, to the processing and through to the assembly and fusion process, we coordinate everything precisely with you to guarantee the reliable function of the components. The complexity of the units and the production size determine the assembly planning and the degree of automation.

The advantages of having your injection molded articles assembled by Keune & Lauber:

  • You save your own personal resources.
  • You receive first-class products which are in line with certified quality standards.
  • You will always receive your components punctually and will save storage space.
  • You can focus on your core competences.

We strive to execute your order professionally to your full satisfaction and to send your finished and assembled components without any faults. We always place great importance on the adherence to all quality criteria. Whether it be a part for a car or an accessory for a household device – we work together with you to select the right material and the most suitable manufacturing process. Simply tell us what type of unit you require, and we will make your wishes and ideas a reality.

Mike Radenbach
Mike Radenbach
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