Injection molding production – the highest quality plastic parts

For many years, Keune & Lauber GmbH, based in Bad Berleburg, North Rhine Westphalia, has been your competent specialist company for plastic technology – in particular for the production of injection molded plastic parts. We have the experience, know-how and technical equipment needed for plastic processing using various injection molding techniques with the highest levels of precision and quality.

Why injection molding production?

Injection molding is one of the most important techniques in the field of plastic technology. With these plastic processing methods, plastics are injected into special molds to manufacture high-quality plastic parts. In the process, complex surface structures such as patterns, engravings and grainings can be integrated directly into the molds so that no additional processing steps are required.

Optimal for the production of large batches

Injection mold production is particularly useful for large batches as here the method can use its greatest strengths: the option of being fully automated and the high degree of reproduction precision.

How does injection molding work?

The processing of thermoplastics through injection molding processes is of great economic significance in the field of plastic technology. Whether it be casings, handles, covers or shells – there are virtually no limits when it comes to product diversity. Injection molding production has several phases. In the first step, the plasticizing, the raw material which is provided as a granulate or a powder is transformed into a flowable state. Then, the fluid plastic is injected into a forming tool under high pressure. Afterwards, the melted material is cooled in the injection molding mold to make the newly created plastic part dimensionally stable. Finally, the mold is opened, and the plastic part is removed. After the injection molding, the plastic part is usually finished, for example by painting, electroplating or laser marking.

Plastic injection molding by Keune & Lauber Kunststofftecknik

Injection molding is the core competence of our company. We manufacture plastic parts, which are particularly used in the automotive industry, with electrical installations and with “white goods”, for you with the highest level of perfection. The Keune & Lauber Kunststofftechnik plant houses almost 90 injection molding machines with a clamping force range of 50 to 700 tons. In addition, we have a controlled area for the manufacturing of plastic parts for sensitive fields of application. Alongside common injection molding processes and numerous options for finishes, our portfolio also includes the following special processes:

  • 1K, 2K, 3K
  • In-mold labelling (IML)
  • In-mold decoration (IMD)
  • Insert molding (IM)
  • Film insert molding (FIM)
  • Molded interconnected devices (MID)

Our computer-supported process monitoring and higher degree of automation, including robot-supported fully automated removal, guarantees a high level of dimensional accuracy and surface quality. In addition, we can avoid error propagation in subsequent processes thank to the filling simulations.

Mike Radenbach
Mike Radenbach
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