IR permeable decorative trim for the gesture control


Waving, wiping, drawing a circle with your finger – gesture control in the car is no longer a dream of the future. Our infra-red permeable decorative trim ensures, thanks to its precisely coordinated components, that the sensors located underneath will recognize the finger and hand movements of the driver and transmit them correctly to the on-board computer. The scratch-proof coated glass cover combined with the 2K chrome trim ensures a pleasing appearance.

  • 2 mirror-image units (RL+LL)
  • Light guide embedded in the supporting component
  • Slides assembled with laser staked support parts
  • Chrome trim = 2K molding tool with index rotation, partially chrome-plated by various different materials
  • Glass cover (slide) injected via a 5-part cascade mold, coated with scratch-proof UV hardened varnish
  • IR permeable pane material, sensors underneath can be used with gesture control
IR permeable decorative trim
Mike Radenbach
Mike Radenbach
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