Innovative, precise and flexible – injection molding tool manufacturing from Keune & Lauber

At Keune & Lauber, we manufacture all the tools and molds that we need ourselves so that we can satisfy our customers’ requirements and manufacture the highest quality injection molded parts. Here, we intuitively allow the current developments in plastic technology and the latest insights in quality assurance to flow directly into our manufacturing. With our expertise in molds and processes, our precision tool manufacturing is the basis for innovative tool solutions and quick reaction times.

Advanced technology for high-performing tools

In plastic technology, precise tools are the prerequisite for high-quality injection molded parts. Our in-house injection molding tool shop is equipped to manufacture injection molding molds for various different injection mold processes quickly and easily. The focus is always on the individual expectations and wishes of our customers. The injection molded parts, with their individual forms and functions, form the basis for the mold construction. Before we begin with the construction, we clarify what requirements the molded parts must fulfil together with our customers. This is the only way to achieve a successful injection molding tool manufacturing. All of the steps in the tool manufacturing process take place directly in our plant in accordance with all rules regarding plastic technology. Our IT infrastructure and our certification in accordance with DIN ISO/TS 16949 guarantee the highest level of quality. The CNC programming with help from the CAD systems guarantees perfect precision. At Keune & Lauber, our injection molding tool manufacturing, development and production teams all work together. Through short paths, we can react to any challenge without losing time and can quickly modify the tool if needed. To facilitate a smooth production process, our mold construction team also takes on the maintenance of existing injection molding tools and the checking of wear parts.

Mold construction at Keune & Lauber – an overview of the most important advantages

So that our tools continue to function faultlessly for plastic injection molding and produce perfect injection molded parts, even after many production cycles, we place great value on an application-optimized development and design, an optimal mix of materials, process reliability and precision technology which is exact to the micrometer. Our mold construction is characterized by:

  • The operational manufacturing of individual plastic products,
  • A number of shots and output quantity of over 1 million cycles,
  • The most modern plant with CNC-controlled processing centers for all metal processing procedures,
  • Complete support during the manufacturing process right through to the use of the tool,
  • Short time-to-market implementation (first try).

Tool manufacturing is teamwork

The injection molding tools that we manufacture in our production-related mold construction are as numerous and as varied as the injection molded parts that they create. This diversity presents our injection molding tool manufacturing department with new exciting challenges every day. Before the tool manufacturing begins, we check the production engineering details in close coordination with our customers. The tool design, which is done completely in 3D with the help of modern CAD software, is started simultaneously. For the manufacturing of molding plates, inserts and tool shifters, we adopt the 3D design of the tools so that we can generate milling paths, movement paths and other parameters directly from the design. This is done with the highest precision using efficient machines. Our outstanding achievements in injection molding tool manufacturing are the result of perfect teamwork. Whether it be a new construction, maintenance or servicing of the tool – our competent mold manufacturers and tool mechanics are incredibly passionate about their work and bring their networked knowledge about all competences to their activities. When required, our employees acquire new knowledge or develop new, complex and sometime unorthodox tool solutions, so that they can fulfil the more unusual requests that we receive from our customers.

Mike Radenbach
Mike Radenbach
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