Quality management at Keune & Lauber

For Keune & Lauber GmbH, quality is not just an empty phrase. It is the benchmark and goal of our business activities. The main quality objective of our company is to recognize the needs of our customers early on, to develop high-quality solutions and to implement them optimally. To satisfy these stipulations, each individual project is subject to the strict requirements of our quality management system, which is certified in accordance with DIN ISO/TS 16949.

So that we can systematically improve our methods and performance and remain in constant competition with other companies, we have defined the following eight goals as guidelines for our quality philosophy:

  1. Our actions comply with a code of conduct which gives all customer requirements top priority.
  2. Quality is oriented towards the customers. We understand this not just with regards to our products, but we also believe that it involves our entire range of services, as well as timeliness and cost awareness.
  3. We believe that it is important to get things right for every job from the start. Our goal is to avoid errors from the start rather than eliminating them later.
  4. We maintain customer satisfaction by adapting to any changes in the customers’ requirements in a prompt manner through the continuous improvement process. Here we draw on the motto: Quality is when the customer comes back, not the product.
  5. We can only fulfil the requirements of our customers if our employees also view their internal partners as customers.
  6. Each employee is responsible for the quality of their own work. The management creates the professional, technical and organizational conditions needed so that each individual can fulfil this responsibility. Teamwork provides the opportunity for active participation.
  7. The quality of our products largely depends on the quality of the parts and services purchased. Therefore, we closely involve our suppliers in our pursuit of constant quality improvement.
  8. Quality can be measured. Therefore, we have created clear requirements, the implementation of which is monitored by the executive board and management.

Employees as a basis for quality and success

We are aware that passionate and competent employees form the basis of our success. Therefore, we see them as a vital component of our management system. With each day and with each task, each member of staff gives their all to fully satisfy you, and of course us. We employ around 300 people in our headquarters in Bad Berleburg, all of whom give everything to fulfil your needs and wishes and to find a suitable solution for the even the most challenging tasks. Our managers take on the function of role models for our employees. They encourage and urge their positive attitude, define clear and achievable goals and support them in the fulfilment of these requirements. The basis for the consistently high quality of our products and services is the qualification of our employees through a well-founded education and regular training and instruction.

The company goals of Keune & Lauber

Our corporate policy is designed to help our customers get the most out of their investments with regards to quality, punctuality, reliability and security. In order to achieve this, we have defined the following company goals which we specifically strive to pursue with our quality management:

  • Securing of work stations,
  • Advancement of technical innovations,
  • Receiving solidarity in financing,
  • Analyzing of changes in the marked and relevant reactions,
  • Acceptance and, if necessary, implementation of customer requirements,
  • Conservation of the environment and its resources.

Our customers benefit from this as we always question our goals and way of working and rethink them so that we can continue to respond to the growing demands in terms of quality in the future.

Mike Radenbach
Mike Radenbach
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